The international network was formed in 2015.

During 2015 a series of workshops took place around the world with a large group of senior mindfulness teachers and trainers, exploring the topic of integrity of Mindfulness-based programs.

As a response to the growth of mindfulness programs globally, a large group of senior mindfulness teachers and trainers from around the world met in a series of workshops in 2015, exploring the topic of integrity in Mindfulness-based programs.

For the first time across cultures and geography a vision and mission emerged with a focus on quality, ethics and standards in mindfulness teaching and training. These meetings gave birth to this Ethics and standards document.

Offering Ethical Standards

Deliberately distinct from a business licencing or certifying process these ethical standards and principles are offered in the spirit of non-hierarchical dialogue and respect for autonomy. We are trusting in the wisdom and insight of each individual training organization to be guided by mindfulness itself and the needs of their respective communities.

Inspiring Quality and Integrity

Aware of social and economic discrepancies in the world as well as the nuanced cultural sensitivities required to deliver mindfulness programs, these guidelines are intended to inspire integrity in the practice of training and teaching. As the field evolves these guidelines will develop over time.

Appreciating Diversity

As a global network, we aim to honour geographical and cultural diversity and to learn from our connections with teachers and training organizations going forward.

Emphasizing Good Practice

The IMI Network has arisen from consultations in local teacher groups, expanding to national and regional focus groups before becoming a global network. We are thus drawing on the wisdom of good practice within the community, supporting current and future generations of teachers, trainers and researchers in the mindfulness field.