The international network was formed in 2015.

During 2015 a series of workshops took place around the world with a large group of senior mindfulness teachers and trainers, exploring the topic of integrity of Mindfulness-based programs.

IMI Network Vision

There was a clear consensus from these meetings that an International Integrity Network could serve a valuable function in supporting the integrity and cohesiveness of the field. An international working group was formed. A vision and mission were written for the new network, and then the focus was on quality standards and ethics in mindfulness teaching and training. Long and careful work eventually resulted in the document “Trainings Standards and Ethical Guidelines” which hopefully may serve the mindfulness community worldwide.

It is the first time that this emergent field has attempted to create connection and consensus from the ground up, and across cultures and geography on good practice and integrity in mindfulness-based teaching and training.

While being a global network, we wish to keep sensitivity to global standards, but also for regional contexts. We are acutely aware of the discrepancies in the world, and of the many sensitivities and nuances that exist in the field. This document reflects this awareness. It is not a static form and will develop over time. A characteristic of our working process is that no single individual or body is in charge – it is an emergent process created through non-hierarchical dialogue. In this regard, we are honing closely to principles grounded in mindfulness and practice, more so than linking to business models or competitive market strategies. This feels like an important distinction in the work.

Whilst we recognise that there is a need to develop governance in the context of the delivery of mindfulness in retreat settings, and other non-standard formats, we also believe that governance for the delivery of the range of evidenced-based mindfulness-based programmes that have emerged out of MBSR is best grown within this collaborative context. Why? Because careful work on integrity and standards has already taken place over many years across the world, and the people and organizations involved in these developments are part of this network. We are thus building on existing knowledge and expertise on good practice within our own context. As a global network, we aim to expand geographical diversity in the future. We aspire to work in connection with teachers’ associations and training schools going forward, with each initiative giving energy to the areas that we are already directly engaged in and therefore know most about.

If you wish to connect or become involved in the IMI Network, read more here.